Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rogue Snap-Happy Ranger Last Saturday, 2007.09.15

On Saturday, September 15 a Ranger Marble was reported to be running his Mule truck up to naturists and snapping pictures of them in the nude at very close range.

This behavior in a federal employee - harassing tourists in this way - is bizarre and inappropriate. Unfortunately this and other rogue ranger behaviors remind me all too much of how it was when Wendell Simpson ran the park. What it is about naturists that drives these people nuts, after 9 years of peace. So its the bad old days back again. However even with Simpson I don't recall this kind of in-your-face aggression as we are getting with Clark.

I have sent a complaint and a picture to the Canaveral National Seashore. Hopefully they will stop this particular harassment behavior. They would have to be crazy to allow it.


Nudist said...

Great post, Marv! we need to use cameras against them, as you have done. I don'tknow the exact legal definition of sexual harrassment, but this might be a good pro-se case to bring before a judge. It would be newsworthy, get Sup. Clarke in the national news, which I doubt she would appreciate, and dip into their budget. I am willing to test it.

Anonymous said...

My 6 year old daughter loves to go to the "nuddiy" beaches and swim. If that ranger takes a picture of her can he be arrested for child porn?

CFN-Marv said...

For anonymous mother - I'm not an attorney so what follows is just my opinion. Child porn depends on context, i.e. is it sexualized. Courts have upheld simple photography of naturists including naturist chidlren as being protected by the first amendment. On the other hand other cases have held certain photos of clothed children to be porn depending on their emphasis on sexuality. But that does not end the issue. The details of particular photography could be sexualized, an invasion of privacy - even in a public place - and depending on its manner could be harassment, including sexual harassment. So it all depends on the details.