Saturday, July 4, 2015

CFN Playalinda Blog Re-activated!

Welcome (once again) to the newly re-activated (once again) CFN Blogsite!

We will attempt to provide current information, news and conditions at Playalinda Beach, and APOLLO beach on Canaveral National Seashore, Titusville and New Smyrna Florida.

 Please feel free to use the comments for clarification, additional info related to the post, or suggestions that would be helpful to others.

This is a family-oriented site, and Playalinda and Appollo are  family-oriented beaches that are clothing-optional at the last crossover area, so please be respectful!

**NOTE** All info posted as well as comments in response to a post can be viewed by law enforcement,  politicians, and nudity opponents, so consider whether you want the information/comment in your post to be viewed by them as well as the naturist public.


Anonymous said...

We love going to Florida.Its unfortunate that there aren't more clothing optional beaches. Alberta Canada

Anonymous said...

Is there any information available that anyone can share about the current police enforcement, or lack thereof, of the no nudity signs at the entrance to the "nude" part of Playalinda?

I am interested in going nude here but don't want to get into a hassle and fined if law enforcement is patrolling the area.
Seems most accounts of nude bathing at Playalinda that I can find on the internet are a few years old.

REV.Frank Cervasio said...

Although the signs were never removed, nude sunbathing is alive and well at Playalinda Beach. The county ordinance is still active on the books but the county has more pressing issues that a federal seashore. Mind your p's & q's & go to the beach, its beautiful. We will have updates at this location on a more steady basis. PS: for those of you who knew Bob Allen, he
passed away on April 1st and will be sorely missed. His hard work at Playalinda will live on for many years to come. THANK YOU BOB....

Anonymous said...

Playlinda is "strange". Apollo beach is significantly better. Go during the week for the most serenity.

StevenSkelley said...

Concerning Playalinda in FLORIDA TODAY -

Nudist resorts don't have negative impact

(appeared in Florida Today newspaper at

The arguments against Fawlty Towers Resort in Cocoa Beach offering clothing-optional recreation are ludicrous at best.

#1: We can’t allow this to happen in Florida?

There are dozens of clothing-optional resorts, beaches and clubs legally operating in Florida. They have been here for decades. They have never promoted drug abuse or prostitution.

The major cruise lines have offered clothing-optional cruises from multiple Florida ports for years.

#2: Clothing-optional businesses lower property values?

Key West has a clothing-optional bar located on some of the most expensive property in the state.
Fort Lauderdale’s dozens of clothing-optional resorts are on multimillion-dollar beachside properties.

#3: Clothing-optional recreation is a costly burden to the community?

Dozens of nude swimmers visit Titusville’s Playalinda and New Smyrna’s Apollo beaches daily.

The estimated tourist income generated from clothing-optional Haulover beach in Sunny Isles is more than $300 million a year.

Income from the parking lot fees at Haulover Beach alone generate over $1.5 million dollars a year!

Records show crime has decreased at Haulover since its designation as a clothing-optional beach.

In conclusion:
Religious and morality zealots have attempted to stop clothing-optional recreation for decades. They have failed in both the state and federal legislatures to deny fair access to clothing-optional recreation.

It is just common sense: If you don't like drinking alcohol in public, don't go to a bar. If you don’t like nude recreation, don’t go to clothing-optional facilities in places such as Haulover, Playalinda, Apollo Beach, Fawlty Towers, cruise ship lines, Key West or Kissimmee.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I were fortunate to spend some getaway time twice so far this year in Titusville. Both times we spent a considerable amount of time naked on Playalinda and further up in the "backwoods" area. We had a wonderful time, everyone was respectful, and much of the time we were all by ourselves (which was delightful). In the area directly by lot 13 we saw lots of couples, singles, and several families. One polite proposal of interest from someone, which was respectfully turned down. No hassles, no trouble.

Anonymous said...

We live in Florida and remain frequent visitors to Playalinda Beach. This beach is one of the best beaches in Florida with soft granular sand. From Parking lot 13 north there is 13 miles of pristine beach from which to sun and enjoy the water naturally.
I have been enjoying this beach since the late 80's and yes, there was a time when the County Sherrif and Rangers harrassed us; but that ended long ago. Our last visit was during the the second week of May and will be going back often.