Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Playalinda... as beautiful as ever!

I had an opportunity this past Sunday to visit Playalinda beach for the first time in a couple of years. Often, we get busy and our priorities change, and we let slip the things we hold dear. This brief visit reminded me how much I cherish this beach and I promised myself I would re-evaluate my priorities and no longer put off the enjoyment it has to offer.

I saw no warning signs about nude sunbathing or about the Brevard ordinance, although it's possible I missed them.

I have some concerns about the drifting of clothing optional use into area 12, primarily due to parking shortage at 13. I saw no rangers or deputies, and everyone seemed happy and well behaved.

I look forward to returning soon. Please comment and share any experiences you may find helpful to other visitors. Be mindful of the advisory at the top of this blog.

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FLman said...

It's great that the textile optional area has moved into all of area 12. There tends to be a vast empty wasteland between the boardwalk at 12 and all the way down to Boardwalk 10. Since parking is so limited while the beach can certainly accommodate way more visitors and still not be even remotely crowded, the textile area should (hopefull) extend all the way to 11 and it would still be away from the textile areas. Why should there be 12 boardwalks to textile areas and just one to textile optional beach? There certainly is enough people in central Florida wanting to be textile free on the beach so the use should be more evenly distributed.